Friday, February 27, 2009


I have a piano and I am often amazed when the guy with the tuning forks starts tightening or loosening the piano strings based on how well the string resonates with the desired tuning fork. If you have ever witnessed this, it often takes a few passes, but eventually the string is perfectly in tune -- where it is supposed to be and ready to stand by itself as a true tone.

There have been times in life when I have felt out of tune with the purpose of my life. Most often this has happened with jobs, relationships, and other things that are meant to be meaningful. I have found that when we are not living in that which we are supposed to do, these things become draining and instead suck the life out of you.

On the other hand, when you are walking in and being that which you are supposed to be, you find life, and those things that once felt cumbersome and burdensome, now become easier because you find that they resonate within your soul and sense of purpose. Not only do the tones match, but they reaffirm and make the signal stronger.

For me, I have always felt this resonation within my soul when I have been doing music -- in many ways boiling point is a result of this. I'm sure you have probably felt this too. For some this happens when they write well, run well, or whatever -- you fill in the blank.

Life is far too short to be doing things that you don't want to do. Doing what you want to do may not always bring great wealth, notoriety, or convenience. However, doing and walking in that which you feel called will always, always, always, result in feeling of freedom to give back to others and a sense of fulfillment in your life. This may be measured in ways that surprise you, but I am sure that regardless of the outcome, you will feel rewarded.

In some ways, I think this is all that we can ask...

Friday, February 20, 2009

From frugality to mass spending

It was an eventful day today in the Boiling Point world of finance.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased some in-ear monitors for my brother (drummer Scott) so he could hear better. Normally, and more so recently, I am generally pretty frugal. So imagine my surprise when I got a call from American Express questioning a recent purchase. Apparently, I had just bought a computer valued at over a thousand dollars. I am quite certain that the company that I bought the in-ears probably used the number on my credit card for the shady purchase. While I am not happy about this I'm hoping things won't get any worse (ie - someone getting another credit card in my name and buying a lot of crazy stuff with it).

Anyway, a very special thank you to American Express for catching the bad people and not making me pay over a thousand dollars for something I never wanted or bought.Here's to you American Express -- beacon of goodness and catcher of fraudulent spending...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Day Card - Just For You

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at boiling point.

~Eric, Chris, Jeremy, Scott~

Spaces Between Us

It is often said that "distance makes the heart grow fonder." While this phrase has become cliche, there will always be truth that resounds from this simple statement.

For those of you who do not know, I have spent an average of 2 nights a week on a bus this winter -- this will continue until summer. Normally, I spend 4 days in Minnesota working and 3 days in Chicago spending time with my wife. While the time has been difficult and sleep has become less regular, I wouldn't trade the time I have with her for anything.

Distance, for the past few years, has been a common theme in my life and the life of the band. Most of my relationship with my wife was spent at a distance. Most of last year for the band was spent trying to make rehearsals and gigs work while I would run in and out of town. While I think the distance was mostly good (and by mostly good I mean it made our hearts grow fonder) for my personal relationship with my wife, Boiling Point probably suffered because there was not a consistent time for rehearsal, gigs, and hanging out. However, it has become obvious that we have people who are willing to make things work no matter what the circumstances are.

Thankfully, distance, for Boiling Point, has become less of an issue with the current arrangement, but it will be a breath of fresh air when the people I care about the most are all in the same location. I keep telling myself, "not long now, not long now, only 4 months to go..."

If you are reading this and have to suffer some kind of distance, my thoughts are with you. I hope that through this, for you, faith will grow stronger, hearts will grow fonder, and bonds stronger than you would have ever known without these spaces between.

Take care.