Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 7 lyrics - All My Love

All My Love
Copyright 2010 - Eric Bjorklund
Pauls Boy (BMI)

Verse 1:
What does it take to love somebody?
What would it take for you and me, honey?
If I got down on my knees,
Begged you darling won't you please?
Is that enough?

Let's not just sit around and talk about this darling
You and me, we've got this special thing going.
Would you take me by the hand,
If I promised to be your man for life?

All my love, I give it to you.
All I have, I promise that too.
As God as my witness,
Let me try to give this to you.

Verse 2:
What does it take to tell somebody,
You love her so much that you'd like to have a baby.
Can one even comprehend,
How those words can change a man or that kind of love?

Verse 3:
One day I pray we'll just sit around here laughing,
Smile at each other and fall in love again.
Maybe never understand,
the love that stole our hearts and heads,
except to say...

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