Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi friends!

Almost every morning I stroll down the hallway at Abbott Northwestern hospital and view some pretty amazing art from some local artists. One, in particular, spent 2 years creating/drawing a new animal every day and released them in the form of a book. He was going through cancer treatments at the time, but his love of drawing helped him keep his spirits up and also gave him something to do.

This artists commitment to doing what he loved made me think about ways that I could do something similar. So, as I thought about this it became clear that my challenge would be to write music -- one song per week for 52 weeks straight. This seems like a daunting task, but it is a task that I am looking forward to!

Here are the basics... Every week on Friday I will post a new song via YouTube. Songs will vary from worship tunes to everything else you can imagine. The first song I have decided to write for my wife. After that the songs will pretty much be open to whatever I feel like writing about and any ideas YOU might have for me. I'd like to make this process as interactive as possible so if you have an idea then throw it out there via YouTube or Facebook or Myspace and I will try to write a song for you.

52 songs for 52 weeks. All will be original songs and all will be worked on for one week. The first song comes in one week!

Thanks for your continued support!!


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