Monday, March 2, 2009

Minneapolis... or Lindstrom?

Often times, when the band is asked where it is from, we answer Minneapolis. For those of you who are truely in the know, however, you realize that most of us actually hail from the small town of Lindstrom, MN.

Lindstrom is a quiet town situated on several lakes. Many, like myself, would like to say that it is a suberb of Minneapolis, but if we were being honest, it's hardly that at all. Instead, one could more easily say that it is a suberb of Forest Lake (I know, where?).

There are two simple reasons why we tell people we are from Minneapolis.

First, people actually know where Minneapolis is. Interestingly, the farther out to the coasts you go, you're better off saying you are from Chicago because people honestly don't always know where Minneapolis is either.

Secondly, if people ask us where we are from, they either say: a) "I have no idea where that is." or b) "Is that the town with the water tower that looks like a teapot?" Normally this second option is followed up with a quick "yep" and several moments of awkward silence. Hopefully, the conversation recovers...

So where are we from? Lindstrom, MN. However for those who have never heard of us -- Minneapolis will do just fine.

So next time you drive up Highway 8 running East off of Interstate 35 North toward Taylor Falls, be sure to stop by our little town and say hello to our tea pot water tower, run in to the Lindstrom bakery and grab a Swedish donut, or visit our very own stature of liberty -- I kid you not.

Hope to see you all soon.


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